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Imagine visiting the place that was considered in ancient years as the Navel of the Earth.

Show On welcomes you to Delphi, the most spiritual ancient Greek city were rulers, military leaders and common folk alike sought guidance from its esteemed oracle. According to the myth the mightiest God of all in Ancient Greece, Zeus, released two eagles one towards the East and the other towards the West. Delphi is the place where they both met, creating the Navel of the Earth saga. As for the oracle, it was dedicated to the god Apollo. It was Pythia, the High Priestess that communicated with the Gods, interpreting their will to all visitors. Throughout the years the reputation and prestige of the oracle grew, attracting people not only from all of Greece, but from foreign countries as well.

The oracles were considered so trustworthy, that even matters of state and war weren’t decided if Pythia’s divination skills weren’t advised first. Delphi and the oracle maintained its important status until the end of the 4th century AD, when the operation of the oracle was finally put to rest.

Tourists from all over the world come to take a closer look at this unique UNESCO World Heritage Site along with all the other magnificent sites in the area that are truly innumerable. The Temple of Apollo, the Archaeological Museum of Delphi, the Ancient Theater of Delphi, and the Castalia Spring are only a few with such great archaeological importance.

Apart from the archaeological sites and the modern city of Delphi the surrounding area has much more to offer.

- Arachova Town boasts one of the best winter destinations in Greece (12,1 kilometres)

- Mount Parnassus with its impressive ski center (37,2 kilometeres)

- Kirra the ancient foot path that pilgrims took on their way Delphi (17,6 kilometers)

If you are interested in learning about ancient Greek History, then Delphi deserves to be prominent on you bucket list of incredible things to do.

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